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From: Apollo <>
Date: 7 Apr 2006 03:28:04 -0700
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I sim,

[Quoted] first of all, tank's.

My problem is that i have an DB (and ETL procedures) created not by OWB (without metadata),
now i need to replicate all the schema (DB and procedure) in a new instance, my customer system have to be created using OWB (process constrain) question is, exist an toolkit (OWB complient) to migrate all from the old to the new instance, is important that in this migration process i'll be sure about the metadata will be created and the etl procedure will be recognized and they will continue to work. The alternative is to create the new schema using the wizard of OWB (loosing all the work done)...isn it?

Sorry if i'm not so clear,

any way tank's again

sim ha scritto:

> I'm not sure if I get you right but if you just want to deploy the
> metadata in and populate a new schema you can create a new runtime
> repository connection and deploy your metadata to a new schema and then
> start your mappings to polpulate the tables in that schema. Is is that
> what you wnated to know?
> Regards,
> Jörg
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