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From: Volker Hetzer <>
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 11:29:41 +0100
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sac wrote:

> Volker Hetzer wrote:

>>sac wrote:
>>>Hi all,
>>>i have a simple pro*c program(i have pro*c installed , oracle ver 9,
>>>dont have c application installed)..could anyone tell me how to run
>>> i can run that in pro*c which show green check mark in front
>>>of it ..NOW WHAT TO DO AFTER THAT ..I DONT KNOW ...please help
>>Green check mark?
>>I type make and there's no check mark involved.
>>What are you talking about?
>>Btw, are you sure you *need* pro*c?
>>Apart from an extension to a program that absolutely required
>>a shared library I've never touched that thing and use perl/tcl/vbscript
>>for SQL stuff.
>>Lots of Greetings!
> Hi
> thanks for replying soon....
> i am on checkmark in front of it means it is precompiled
> successfully i.e it makes a    .c file..what to do next...please help
Not that I've done any compiling here but it would be a great help to others if you would please post your client version and what tools you use for this pro*c stuff. None of us has any idea what you actually do and what tools you use to develop C programs on windows. I guess it's not vi and cygwin but apart from that I don't know and neither does anybody else, so please post which tool in that green check mark appears, what you've done before and what you intend to do afterwards.

Lots of Greetings!
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