Re: Oracle Reports (9i) - Report doesn't load / load takes 'forever'

From: Paul <>
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2005 15:07:02 +0100
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[Quoted] "Martin T." <> wrote:

>I'd like to lay out a problem we had the other day ... maybe someone
>can make sense of this:

I don't have enough experience to be able to help you directly, but here's a couple of tips.

  1. Give the OS and version of the different machines. Hardware config would be good also.
  2. Give the Oracle DB and report engine versions.

However you have mentioned "Windows" but not exactly in which context, though when I saw the word "reboot", my mind strangely wandered in that direction.

HTH. Paul...



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When asking database related questions, please give other posters 
some clues, like operating system, version of db being used and DDL.
The exact text and/or number of error messages is useful (!= "it didn't work!").
Furthermore, as a courtesy to those who spend 
time analysing and attempting to help, please 
do not top post.
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