Oracle Reports (9i) - Report doesn't load / load takes 'forever'

From: Martin T. <>
Date: 23 Jul 2005 06:10:29 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Hi all.

[Quoted] I'd like to lay out a problem we had the other day ... maybe someone can make sense of this:

We're currently deploying our system, that includes report generation, to a number of production plants where they can then view some Oracle Reports as part of a webapplication.

Now it went like this:

*) Call in that they can't view the report - get REP-501 "Can't connect to DB" error.
-> It turns out that the wrong charcterset is configured in the
registry - we fix this and reboot the DB + Reports server machine.

*) After reboot, when they try to open a report, IExplorer just loads 'forever'. I check the .ora file, the registry, all seems to be OK. (the same as in the other Plants where it just worked) *) To cross check - we open one of the Reports in Report Builder and try to view it there. This works (after connect & compile). *) Still, the reports aren't generated via http access (the html help pages of the reports server are displayed w/o problem)

  • Now they reboot the machine again ... and suddenly it works!

Now, if it just had been the report we recompiled, then ok, maybe something was broken and the recompilation fixed it. But before reboot, also the other reports didn't work.

So now, basically the question is ... if I connect to the database with the Report Builder and compile a report file, is it possible this have any sideeffects?
Or was it just a case of windows-reboot magic?

Let me know what you think.

Best regards,
Martin Received on Sat Jul 23 2005 - 15:10:29 CEST

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