Windows 2000 DBCA failure

From: <>
Date: 14 Jul 2005 07:29:22 -0700
Message-ID: <>

I've searched the newsgroups and documentation but haven't been able to resolve my issue.

I'm installing Oracle 10g (10.0.1) on a Windows 2000 (latest service pack). I have Java Runtime Environment 1.4 installed.

When I invoke the DBCA, I get all the way to where I am asked to configure how much space should be allocated to the SGA, JAVA Pool, etc. I take the default values and click 'Next.' After clicking 'Next' DBCA quits with no error generated.

Has anyone ever had this problem or know of a place where I could look for an error message?

Any help is appreciated, Received on Thu Jul 14 2005 - 16:29:22 CEST

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