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Date: Sun, 03 Jul 2005 13:39:43 +0100
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On Fri, 01 Jul 2005 23:51:13 -0700, DA Morgan <> wrote:

>Ach C via wrote:
>> I use plsql developer and LOVE it. It is really nice.You can do many many
>> tasks easily.I should say that I have used TOAD-Free and it was not
>> attracting for me,I don't know much about commercial version of TOAD.
>What does it do that SQL*Plus doesn't do?

Much as I like the simplicity of SQL*Plus, I would have to say that using it alone to develop systems would be like building a house with hand tools when electric tools are available. I am sure that my clients would be very happy with the end product, but they would not be too enthusiastic about the additional costs and time etc.

I use SQL*plus all on a fairly regular basis... but as a developer, toad or PLSQL Developer makes my life MUCH easer. I tend to have one SQL*Plus window & one Toad or PLSQL Developer window open on the desktop. I have used both Toad and PLSQL Developer; each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

The tools allow me to easily review packages procedures etc and go to the exact line the error is occurring in. I know I can query the code using SQL*Plus - but at the touch of a button, without writing a query? Also SQL*Plus simply does not allow me to step through the code.

Drag and drop or cut and paste of column and table names. The new system I am building at the moment has about 50 tables, but it interfaces with 5 other systems and the total number of tables & views I have to remember is around 300. I can remember most of the table names & db names & db link names & how they interact but the exact name of every column without looking them up? You have to be joking!

The features that automate the creation of test stubs for functions procedures save more time as each little function etc has to be tested for each possible permutation of data passed to it.

The automatic formatting of code to meet those finicky standards - who has always remembered that key words must be in upper case… THEN is to appear on the same line as IF (and when you change work sites … key words now need to be in lower case etc)

Data grids resulting from queries -much easier to read & no formatting required. Export to other products easily.

Quick and easy data filtering against db objects - more time saved in reviewing data.

In general a tool like PLSQL Developer or Toad cuts approximately 1/4 off the build & unit test time in project development. Commercially that means money!

There are a few draw backs to using tools … mostly related to the ease of changing data on the database. But just a little discipline on the part of the developers solves that problem … that and chopping off the fingers of anyone who uses the tools in a live environment where they have update/insert/delete access rights to the data and or source.

In answer to your question Daniel: The tools really don't do anything that you couldn't write scripts etc to do in SQL*Plus.

Well aside from the data grids, oh and the debugging stuff, and the concurrent multiple sessions …

This is of course a personal opinion!
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