Re: Best way to Extract Data from Oracle into Excel

From: Waldhausen <>
Date: 17 Feb 2005 14:40:10 -0800
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DA Morgan <> wrote in message news:<1108658143.99405_at_yasure>...
> Hank wrote:
> > I'm looking at ways to generate reports based on data in an Oracle
> > database. This data will be viewed in Excel.
> >

"Generate"... Do you mean "run" instead?

In other words do you plan to provide a possibility to construct the SQL to those who will choose your way? Or they should just give the parameters for your template statements?

"Excel"... What about other spreadsheet (i.e. KSpread)?

> > I've looked at Oracle Reports and Oracle Discoverer as possible tools,
> > but reports created in either of the 2 applications lose their
> > formatting upon exporting to Excel.
> >
Discoverer was a powerful tool when was used. Is Excel is more now? What you can do by excel and can't by discoverer? </>

What sort of "formatting" you care of?

> > Another method is to use VBA and ADO to connect to Oracle and extract
> > the data directly into Excel where the reports can then be formatted.
> >

> > Does anyone have any ideas/comments regarding the above mentioned
> > techniques? What other approaches are there?
Portlets may be customized for Excel-like output.

> Just a quick caution ... if your organization is subject to
> Sarbanes-Oxley doing so could be illegal. Be very very careful.

[Quoted] Doing what, dear DA? Explain please... And... mmm... If YOUSOKIND, cast your conception of "Sarbanes-Oxley" impact to us.

not a thought-reeder [yet],

P.S. To ignore you may want to replace the YOUSOKIND above with 'two
questions from a guy without the "majority" are not so much for you'
or anything u like better.
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