Re: Free Oracle Schema Documentation Tool

From: GreyBeard <>
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 13:17:04 GMT
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On Thu, 17 Feb 2005 03:38:09 +0000, Alex Molochnikov wrote:

> Want another example? A few months ago I asked the group to assist in
> debugging and field-testing a report generator. It had to be tested with
> Oracle, so I posted to the Oracle NGs. The product was still under
> development, but the zealots - the same tiny group of bullies - demanded
> that I moved the post to the c.d.o.marketplace, and apologized for the deed.
> After I refused, there was no end to flaming and abuse. Fortunately, not
> everyone on the Oracle NGs behaved like them, and a number of people
> responded positively, helping us a lot.

[Quoted] As I remember it, you announced the availability of the beta. Slightly different than asking for help in evaluating the product. Sadly, you came in when there was a rash of announcements (seems like a 6 month cycle) and tempers got out of hand on both sides.

[Quoted] You also argued vehemently when some of us gave suggestions on the core design. Especially when we stated that the techniques for approaching Oracle need to be different than for some other products, due to internal locking mechanisms.

> Needless to say, I have no intention to follow the dictate of the "chosen
> few" if and when I need to post in the NG. I simply ignore them, which only
> adds fuel to the fire. But I just feel pity for someone who wandered in
> their crosshairs, and may become intimidated by them.

[Quoted] I have to ask - how do you know that the chosen few are not representative of the silent majority?

[Quoted] I'm not on your 'bad guy' list (yet), however I ask you not to do this. How many of us need to pipe up for you to recognize that this community does not appreciate ads here, especially when there is a forum for ads?

[Quoted] That said - I've already wasted too much bandwidth on this topic. Final rebuttal is yours. <sigh>

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