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From: Alex Molochnikov <NOBODY_at_NOSPAM.COM>
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 03:38:09 GMT
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"GreyBeard" <> wrote in message
> Sorry, Alex .... others, including myself, also agree with following the
> charter.

Then do not read, let alone respond to, those posts that you believe to be OT.

> Regardless of what you may think, or what your background may be, you are
> part of a community here. And, just like at home, there are social
> guidelines that help keep friction to a minimum. One minor difference is
> that at home you end up in jail for refusing to follow the social
> conventions - here there are 'just words'.

These social guidelines do not prohibit speaking to other people, asking questions, or conveying information to them. Most of the time, in real life, people can freely express their opinions on any subject, without being censored. With the exception of a few rouge states, the civilized world recognizes it as the basic freedom.

Not so when it comes to the Oracle NGs, where the posters are watched over by a bunch of "big brothers" that decide what does and what does not fit into the charter. And what exactly the charter says is subject of interpretation by them. They appointed themselves the judge and jury, and there are no appeals. If any post does not pass their screening, the poster gets flamed (or abused, if the responder is DA Morgan).

Here is the case in point: someone developed a tool for Oracle. Does it fit into the "" agenda? If you ask me, it does. If you ask them, it does not - because they choose to narrowly interpret the charter as restricted only to questions about tools, but not the announcements of the tool's existence.

[Quoted] Want another example? A few months ago I asked the group to assist in debugging and field-testing a report generator. It had to be tested with Oracle, so I posted to the Oracle NGs. The product was still under development, but the zealots - the same tiny group of bullies - demanded that I moved the post to the c.d.o.marketplace, and apologized for the deed. After I refused, there was no end to flaming and abuse. Fortunately, not everyone on the Oracle NGs behaved like them, and a number of people responded positively, helping us a lot.

> Could you please explain why you apparently believe that anarchy is
> socially acceptable when there is no face to face contact?

"Anarchy" is what what freedom is called in police states. However, I advocate neither anarchy nor unrestricted freedom when it comes to the Usenet. I do not enjoy the presence of porn ads in any NG, and do not want to see endless threads chewing the same "he said - she said" cud. But when the post is related it to the subject of the NG, and the heading is clear - please, leave it to the readers to decide if they do or don't want to open it.

[Quoted] Needless to say, I have no intention to follow the dictate of the "chosen few" if and when I need to post in the NG. I simply ignore them, which only adds fuel to the fire. But I just feel pity for someone who wandered in their crosshairs, and may become intimidated by them. Received on Thu Feb 17 2005 - 04:38:09 CET

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