Re: To read datas to Linux box from Oracle server

Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2005 16:58:59 GMT
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stas <> wrote in news:ctg2pk$697$

> Hi All !
> I can't tell I'm newbee - with Oracle I just customer. I have
> Oracle(8.1) client under Win2000 and can read some datas from server.
> And have to use it with application under Linux. Naturaly I do it with
> some manual manipulation. Tried to find possibility to read directly -
> seems only solution - to install Oracle server, then I can use client
> or DBI,DBD for Perl.
> It can be done. But with my old imaginations to keep programm
> 200-300mb
> (plus ???? $) and use it for reading 20 kb daily is nonsense.
> Question: Is there any more "light" solution?
> As absolutely ignorant about Oracle person I suggested, that NET8
> must have
> some type API to connect to server and retrieve datas with SQL
> language. Or in Oracle everything sealed as in MS (exception for
> nobles)? Thanks in advance!
> Regards Stas

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