Re: Question for you Oracle Guru's -- conversion of SQL to Ora

From: Murray Sobol <>
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 14:20:59 -0500
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> wrote:
>> I have been tasked with converting a MS SQL 2000 db to Oracle 10g. I am
>> the one that will be writing the updates to the table structures,
>> taking existing sp's and moving them to pl/sql. My problem is I have
>> not done this in a good number of years, converting sql to ora, and I
>> frankly am stuck on how to deal with ms's use of identity columns in a
>> table. I know RowId exists in Oracle but I have forgotten how to use
>> it, i.e. do I have to maintain a sequence in pl/sql to use it?
>> The question I am getting to is what is the best source of readily
>> viewable information on the different datatypes in each system and how
>> they equate to each other. Also, what do you use to ensure uniqueness
>> in a table in ora such that ms sql2000 uses an identity column.
>> Any help is greatly appreciated.
> Based on the questions you've asked you might want to seriously consider
> giving this project to someone else. You can assign nor use rowd as
> rowid is a pseudocolumn: Always has been AFAIK.
> To replace identity column you should use a sequence with the number
> being assigned either in the DML or by means of a BEFORE INSERT trigger.
> As for the code I would suggest you rewrite from scratch. Oracle doesn't
> take kindly to code written where locks escalate, where multiversioning
> doesn't exist, and where people use temporary tables built on-the-fly.
> My recommendation is that you purchase a copy of Tom Kyte's book "Expert
> one-on-one Oracle" and pay special attention to the first three chapters.
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