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From: Newton Bolton <>
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2004 15:18:18 -0600
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[Quoted] I have read some of this material, and found that Firebird is a free database that is based on Interbase, which was developed at Dec, taken over by Borland, and then released as as open source by Borland in 2000.

Firebird continues to be Open Source, free of any license fees even for commercial use.

Phoenix, seems to be a visual development environment that uses Object Basic (lose one point) It is also free.

Fyracle is an interpretor or compiler for Oracle PL/SQL. (Hence, it IS an Oracle Tool) If this works, it could be useful for those of us sick of Oracle's recent huge price increases for Forms/Reports installations.

The site that distributes these tools is and the only thing I can see that they sell is consulting, training , setup and configuration. This makes their business model very similar to Red-Hat. You can get everything free, or, they will make it easier for you by providing an installation kit ( EUR 49.95 ) and a support contract.

Also posted at

-- promotes Oracle Forms Reports Client Server, 
and alternatives to Oracle Forms/Reports.  I will try to gather useful 
information from this group, minus the flames from people with an axe to 
grind. is not a commercial site and offers no 
products for sale.


> There is a new development: Fyracle.
> Fyracle is an enterprise quality RDBMS that accepts Oracle style SQL
> and implements a large subset of PL/SQL. It is based on the well known
> Firebird database.
> You can find it at:
> Or read about it at:
> Fyracle is still a development product (current version is 0.8.2), but
> it already supports enough of Oracle's PL/SQL and SQL features to run
> the sizeable Oracle application "Compiere" (
> There are installers for Linux and Windows available on the site if
> you want to try it for yourself.
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