Re: Oracle-mode Firebird

From: Newton Bolton <>
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2004 08:15:05 -0600
Message-ID: <41b46964$0$9738$>

Please ignore DA Morgans self rightous criticisms, based on his own false view of the purpose of this group. His insults, joined with his encouragement of others to be 'civilized' are particularly annoying.

[Quoted] The charter of this group encourages discussion of all oracle-related tools, and I welcome your contribution. We especially need options now that Oracle has jacked up prices for front end tools. I wish someone would write a tool that could interpret Oracle FMB files and execute them. I intend to check this out myself. Thank You!

Newton Bolton..

DA Morgan wrote:

> Delia wrote:

>> There is a new development: Fyracle. 

> Too bad you didn't also develop civilized manners to go with it.
> Civil manners are what one needs before posting to a usenet group.
> They involve the ability to read a group's charter. A desire to
> not be viewed as a spammer. And the ability to apologize for a
> mistake when so informed.
> So we expect to see your apology for spamming this group and
> a statement that in the future you will only promote your
> products and/or services at c.d.o.marketplace.
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