Re: Oracle Forms to Jdeveloper

From: Niall Litchfield <>
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 22:24:32 -0000
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"ISV Admin" <> wrote in message

> Dear DA -

> Reasonable people may disagree, but I believe my message is not spam,
> and the website at
> is 100% relevant to the discussion of Oracle Tools and future options
> for people reliant on Oracle Tools. It is also relevant to the
> questioner asking if they should move to JDeveloper, as Oracle would like
> to force us all to do.

The questioner asked

"Has anyone made the transition from oracle forms to jdeveloper using web services.Was it a smooth transition? "

Can you point me to somewhere you answered this question.

Niall Litchfield
Oracle DBA 
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