Re: Problems with JDeveloper and PHP extension

From: Jim Hill <>
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 19:44:12 GMT
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"cjbj" <> wrote in message
> "Jim Hill" <> wrote in message
> > I posted an earlier topic about JDeveloper zero'ing out files. I think
> > was due to getting the JAVA error: Too Many Files Open.
> >
> > I can work for several hours with a few workspaces loaded, each having
> > projects and dozens of files; however I only have 4-5 files actually
> > in the IDE. I can go through dozens of iterations of make
> > when eventually I run into the error of not being able access a file in
> > of the workspaces. If I check with the Windows "Task Manager" I can see
> > 20-30 processes of "php.exe" running. I think this may be related to
> > PHP addin that tries to keep the structure view in sync with the code.
> > Under Tool preferences I changed the structure view setting from
> > when Idle" to "Refresh on Save" to see if that makes it go away.
> I haven't seen this problem. What release of JDev and PHP do you have?
> What OS are you on?
> Did the Refresh on Save help?
> -- CJ

[Quoted] After a few days of running with the PHP structure view set at "Refresh on Save" I have had no problems with "Too many files Open" or any files getting zero'ed out and I do not have the backlog of PHP.exe processes running. The "Refresh on Idle" must simply create more processes than it can handle correctly. I still attribute the zero'ed out files to poor exception handling somewhere in the JDeveloper application, but so far this has let me work around that.

OS Win2K, SP4
PHP 4.3.8
JDev 9052 Received on Tue Sep 28 2004 - 21:44:12 CEST

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