Re: Pro*C: error PCC-S-02201 while compiling

From: Bent Stigsen <>
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 16:25:25 +0200
Message-ID: <41542e2f$0$251$>

Andrea Laforgia wrote:

>>>It seems like the precompiler is unable to recognize the type MYSTRUCT

> that
>>>I defined.
>>yes, so if you wrap your typedefinition in a declare section, it should
>>help ;)

> Among my efforts to make it work I already tried to wrap the typedef into
> the declare section and it worked, but I cannot do that, since I'm not
> working on my code. I have to maintain already existing code and I cannot
> change it so radically. I'm currently working under Windows, but the real
> code should work under UNIX. I tried to compile it with PRO*C under UNIX
> and it worked fine.

What?, you are converting code from unix to windows. ABOMINATION!

just kidding :), actually been there myself.

[Quoted] If you want to avoid the declare section, you can set "parse=full" in the options for the precompiler, either in the "pcscfg.cfg" file or in the commandline. Consequently perhaps you also need to add "sys_include", which should point to the system header files.

[Quoted] You can read about the options in the "Pro C-C++ Precompiler Programmers Guide" available at OTN.

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