Re: Problems with JDeveloper and PHP extension

From: cjbj <>
Date: 23 Sep 2004 23:59:43 -0700
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"Jim Hill" <> wrote in message news:<rOm4d.34271$>...
> I posted an earlier topic about JDeveloper zero'ing out files. I think that
> was due to getting the JAVA error: Too Many Files Open.
> I can work for several hours with a few workspaces loaded, each having 2-3
> projects and dozens of files; however I only have 4-5 files actually "open"
> in the IDE. I can go through dozens of iterations of make changes/save/test
> when eventually I run into the error of not being able access a file in one
> of the workspaces. If I check with the Windows "Task Manager" I can see
> 20-30 processes of "php.exe" running. I think this may be related to the
> PHP addin that tries to keep the structure view in sync with the code.
> Under Tool preferences I changed the structure view setting from "Refresh
> when Idle" to "Refresh on Save" to see if that makes it go away.

I haven't seen this problem. What release of JDev and PHP do you have? What OS are you on?

Did the Refresh on Save help?

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