Re: Data base diagram , help pls

From: Hans Forbrich <>
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2004 14:34:18 GMT
Message-ID: <K9B4d.76302$KU5.21798_at_edtnps89>

Rick van Dijk wrote:

> hello daniel and group,
> I'm sorry. I will not do it anymore here. I can imagine that some people
> may have problems with it in some groups. Therefor I'll make it good. On
> this site you'll find a complete list of database modeling tools:
> But, I don't think it it 'unethical' to promote your own product. It is
> very difficult not to reply when you can talk about your own product :).

It's a fine line. Change the phrasing a bit and you _can_ talk about your own product. For example, the original response could have been something like:

There are a number of tools designed to do this. A list can be found at

btw: One tool, DeZign for Databases, is available from the organization with which I work. Contact me offline or get more information at

In this group, we have become hyper-sensitive about self-promotion and spam. We have had a few people who have been absurdly persistant.

The above might get an "it's spam" reaction which could be easily ignored as it provides alternatives up front AND puts the 'advertisment' after the signature as a footnote.

Probably most important when being accused of spam here (which you did) - apologize and don't argue. Thank you!

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