Re: HTML DB users?

From: Sean Chang <>
Date: 21 Sep 2004 07:32:36 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Sorry about this format, our news server is down so I have to use google. I just copy over from OE and don't know why Google re-arrange the sentence.
(interestingly if I use reply to this post the display is OK)

> a.. No default LOVs for FKs

       +NO, you have to add by your self, it's easy to do.
> b.. No checks for data changes before allowing navigation

        +NO, I suppose you have to add Javascript , have no experience so far
> c.. Database errors displayed on separate screen -- link to return to edit
> page is not very apparent

       +On the same screen, with Debug option, it's super. Edit page is very

       apparent( a menu below)
> d.. Pop-up calendar does not highlight current date or currently selected
> date

     + it highlights only current month
> e.. No option to display PK values in generated forms?

     + Sure yes, Just like Oracle Forms, you can choose to display or hide it.
> f.. No client-side validation -- no readily apparent JavaScript support?

     + YES, Lots of Javascript support, search HD forum for "Javascript",

       I have not done a lot but sure works
> g.. Inconsistent functionality of 'CREATE' buttons -- sometimes means NEW,
> sometimes means SAVE

     + mostly OK, only see a couple out of 100s
> h.. No option to refresh edit page after checksum error (checksum error is
> really, really ugly)

    +don't know this one.
> i.. Generated forms for each of multiple tables all created with the same
> name (Update,Insert,Report,Success)

    +no such problem for me.
> j.. User-defined validations are at page level, not shared among pages

> k.. Data picker format is inflexible (does not analyze user input and do
> intelligent conversion)

    +YES, but you can use Javscript or database trigger to get around this
> l.. Uses full page refreshes instead of frames or DHTML

     + Yes, the worst part is always pull data anew from DB each time you

     navigate there.
> m.. No apparent settings for simple client-side validations like INPUT
> item maximum length (should at least default to VARCHAR2 length)

    +NO, you have to do by your self.
> n.. Buttons scroll of page (no frames or DHTML to keep buttons visible)

> o.. Mouse-centric (most users don't have 3 hands)

> p.. No search capabilities in the online help
> q.. 'Apply Changes' behavior is inconsistent -- sometimes closes page,
> sometimes not
  + Happens if you have too many fields for customization, but generally

for simple web applications which don't reqire huge customization, HD is
the probably can build a small site within days and other programmers may need weeks.

Best part: lots of DB support (like you can use stored procedure), very
 effective wizards ( for forms, reports AND Graphs). Worst part: customization is harder, like Graph you can't customize it to
use alternative color,
you can only choose either one color or RAMDON colors (frustrated me but
Seigo from HD team said will have stacked BAR next release. see Forum).
Overall I'll give it a A( or A+), you can't use it build something like,
but for 90% websites which do not require huge customization, you can save
90% time.
The development tools (wizards stuff) generally works, of course , sometimes failure still happens( I have a table with 60 something fields, the customization of column always returns a "Value error"----the varchar is not defined long enough).  

 You may also post you question on HD forum, the HD team are generally very
 responsive. Received on Tue Sep 21 2004 - 16:32:36 CEST

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