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From: Mark C. Stock <mcstockX_at_Xenquery>
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2004 10:32:50 -0400
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"Sean Chang" <> wrote in message news:414ae1ce$
| I have done a small production site by using HTMLDB, one word: awesome!!!
| I have used Oracle OAS4, IAS1, 9iASR2... Jdeveloper, nothing
| works good like HtmlDB. I would say HTMLDB is the only
| Oracle Product after database itself really works right away from version1.
| ( I have not used Oracle Forms version 1, I know it works version 3)
| Please look here for my posts:
| for more interesting discussion.
| sean
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| > not much discussion about HTML DB recently
| >
| > anybody out there attempting to use it for anything at all?
| >
| > ++ mcs
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Thanks, Sean.
In my initial review of generated forms, I found a lot of deficiencies... I'm sure some of them are simply a matter of working with the product longer, and some is probably a matter of product maturity.
Would you care to comment on these. I don't think I'm being too picky, if this is supposed to be an declarative 'as easy as Access' app builder, I would expect it would handle this kind of stuff. Also, I'd be interested if you wouldn't mind itemizing what you feel are its strengths.
  • No default LOVs for FKs
  • No checks for data changes before allowing navigation
  • Database errors displayed on separate screen -- link to return to edit page is not very apparent
  • Pop-up calendar does not highlight current date or currently selected date
  • No option to display PK values in generated forms?
  • No client-side validation -- no readily apparent JavaScript support?
  • Inconsistent functionality of 'CREATE' buttons -- sometimes means NEW, sometimes means SAVE
  • No option to refresh edit page after checksum error (checksum error is really, really ugly)
  • Generated forms for each of multiple tables all created with the same name (Update,Insert,Report,Success)
  • User-defined validations are at page level, not shared among pages
  • Data picker format is inflexible (does not analyze user input and do intelligent conversion)
  • Uses full page refreshes instead of frames or DHTML
  • No apparent settings for simple client-side validations like INPUT item maximum length (should at least default to VARCHAR2 length)
  • Buttons scroll of page (no frames or DHTML to keep buttons visible)
  • Mouse-centric (most users don't have 3 hands)
  • No search capabilities in the online help
  • 'Apply Changes' behavior is inconsistent -- sometimes closes page, sometimes not
++ mcs
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