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From: Daniel Morgan <>
Date: Sun, 05 Sep 2004 11:06:15 -0700
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mo wrote:

> Then, how long is reasonable?
> I find it not easy to practise at home without a real DB system.
> The consequence is to be fired if not familar with it
> but get a related job.


The first question is what skill set are you bringing to the party? Do you already know SQL and PL/SQL or are you a complete novice?

If you don't know SQL and PL/SQL a realistic time frame is six months without an instructor and probably 2-3 months with one.

Do you understand object oriented development concepts? Oracle Forms is intended to be used in a manner in which inheritance and polymorphism and the foremost concept. Unless one wants to make a mess of things one starts about by defining visual attribute groups and pproperty classes. Then one creates a form consisting, perhaps, of multiple windows with multiple canvases, then creates objects inheriting and morphing from the attributes and classes.

A decent form will also, undoubtedly, involve extensive use of record groups, LOVs, and triggers and just learning the various triggers and when they are appropriate and their firing order is a topic unto itself.

So in answer to your question ... months of constant study. Can someone build a form in less time? Absolutely. Will it likely be inefficient and "dangerous" undoubtedly.

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