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Re: Forms/Reports 6 question

From: Sen <>
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2004 22:43:23 GMT
Message-ID: <f4IDc.30692$>

Hi Theresa,

all our forms and reports are on a drive on our server and all the clients have Icons on their desktops that run the applications from the server.

"Teresa Redmond" <> wrote in message
> Hi, all;
> My question is whether you can upload your forms/reports to the
> database and then have a shortcut on your desktop (windows) that
> connects to the database and then gets the form it needs from the
> database and runs it on the client machine.
> I know that's not worded well, but let me try to make it clearer. We
> wanted to upgrade Oracle, but the customer said NO. We wanted to
> migrate the Forms/Reports to the web, but customer said NO. Okay, so
> we still have Oracle 8.1.5 on win2kserver, we still have Forms/Reports
> 6. The server is here at our office, the people who have to connect
> to it are down the street and use Net8 to connect. As you know,
> anytime any changes are made to the code, we have to go to the
> people's office to update the files on each computer that accesses the
> database.
> What we have now is a shortcut on the desktop that goes to the .fmx
> file that starts everything. That file is in a local directory. What
> we *want*, and it may be just a fantasy, is for that shortcut to,
> maybe, call a local .fmx that just connects to the database using the
> same Net8 connection, but then downloads whatever forms are needed to
> do whatever needs doing. When the program closes, everything
> disappears from the machine except what was there at the start.
> The question is, *is this possible*? We *can't* convert to web based.
> We *can't* update Oracle. I know all about this version not being
> supported on this that and the other, and that it's deprecated...
> Nothing I can do about all that. The only way we can think of to take
> some of the stress out of this is to make this work, sorta making the
> client/server act like web based.
> And of course I couldn't find any information in the Forms/Reports
> documentation, either at or on what we have here.
> Thanks,
> --
> Teresa Redmond
> Programmer/Analyst III
> Anteon Corporation
> tredmond at anteon dot com
Received on Sun Jun 27 2004 - 17:43:23 CDT

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