Re: difference between SQl*plus and Sql*plus worksheet !?

From: Daniel Morgan <>
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2004 13:51:17 -0700
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Inki wrote:

> Thanks daniel.
> I have Windows at the moment, trying out Toad.
> If I use notepad, do you mean that I should compile my procedure from the
> command line ?
> If I do write a block in notepad, let say the following:
> begin
> dbms_output.put_line('hello');
> end;
> How do I execute this block ?
> seen in my help -> Contact your Oracle DBA to make sure the DBMS_OUTPUT
> package is enabled on your database.
> Should I add this somewhere from the 'Oracle enterprise manager' ?
> regards, i

SQL> set serveroutput on

SQL> begin dbms_output.put_line('hello');

Nothing more is required.

Write in notepad and execute at the SQL*Plus command line if the point is to learn what you are doing. Painful at first I will grant you but far more valuable long-term. There are no GUI tools on Solaris, HP/UX, AIX, etc. for debugging PL/SQL.

And if you make an error such as:


    INSERT INTO mytble;;
END oops;

Just type:

SQL> show err

Daniel Morgan
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