Re: difference between SQl*plus and Sql*plus worksheet !?

From: Inki <>
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2004 16:26:21 +0200
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[Quoted] Thanks daniel.

[Quoted] I have Windows at the moment, trying out Toad. If I use notepad, do you mean that I should compile my procedure from the command line ?
If I do write a block in notepad, let say the following: begin

How do I execute this block ?
seen in my help -> Contact your Oracle DBA to make sure the DBMS_OUTPUT package is enabled on your database.
Should I add this somewhere from the 'Oracle enterprise manager' ?

regards, i

Did install oracle 10g. I do not see sql*plus worksheet anywhere. must one download and install that tool on its own ? ds
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> Inki wrote:
> > Following Q:
> > Do I use SQL*Plus to write my procedures and functions ?
> I wouldn't. If you are on UNIX use vi or emacs. If on Windows
> use Notepad or any other editor.
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