Re: Help with report for newbie

From: Erik Ykema <>
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 22:41:25 +0200
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"The Murray Midget" <> wrote in message
> Have been given the task of editing an oracle report despite it not
> being in my skills range.
> The sql isn't an issue however the trimmings I am struggling with
> HOw do I change the header on the report? It still has it's odl title
> and it doesn't seem to be anywhere obvious
> I have two parameters. One is called end date to one is end date from.
> HOw to I change the order that these appear in. At the moment endate
> to is on top.
> Thanks
> Midget

I recommend browsing a little through the Reports Documentation. Look it up on or perhaps you even have a printed manual somewhere on the shelve. I had a hard time learning Reports 2.5 on the job and only the manuals brought me the right understanding. In general, maintaining any Oracle application in a/the proper way is not an easy task - you might want to tell your employer. Good luck,
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