Re: Oracle Reports and Oracle INstallation Questions

From: Daniel Morgan <>
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2004 20:38:36 -0700
Message-ID: <1082345905.201386_at_yasure>

Rohit Dhawan wrote:
> I have Oracle 9.2 installed in my computer and want to use Oracle
> reports builder 6i. Is it possible to use both of them. When I tried
> to install Oracle report an Forms 6i the Oracel Installer reported the
> error
> " cannot intall oracle reports 'nt' on Oracle beta 82".
> 1)If i use Oracle 9.0.2 would I be able to use Oracle 6i.
> 2)If not which version of Oracle Database and Oracle Report builder
> should i download. Wud Oracle Report developer be able to build
> Reports.
> 3)From where can i get Oracle Report 9i
> 4)Oracle 8i needs jrew.exe which is not longer available in java so
> ,the option of installing Oracle 8i doesn't exist.
> 5)How do i create another ORacle Home if one is already created
> 6) If I have to migrate my stuff from Oracle 9.0.2 to Oracel 9.2 How
> would I do that

I have both installed ... but you don't have what you claim to have if anything is reporting "Oracle beta 82".

I'd suggest you clean up the machine.

Daniel Morgan
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