Re: charting solution

From: Housen <>
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 19:34:14 -0400
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Thank you joe
[Quoted] you wouldn't have the perl code around would you ? I'd appreciate if you can let me have it. thanks

"Joe" <> wrote in message
> I did something like that by writing a perl program using the module
> GD:Graph. I wrote it as a generic graphing CGI program that gets
> all of it's data as parameters.
> Then in my mod_plsql app, I do all the work to get the data, and
> format it as a parameter string that my perl CGI script will accept.
> Then still from mod_plsql, I create a web page where the IMG's tag
> SRC is a call to the cgi graphic program.
> The result is that my mod_plsql program can produce any type of
> graph that GD::Graph can.
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> Joe
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