Re: anyone here used OEM for export/import?

From: tojo <>
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 08:56:45 +0200
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In article <7%hac.32886$Ct5.2775_at_edtnps89>, says...
> Just for a lark I thought I'd try it on a database that I needed to send
> an export of to the application developers, rather than the usual
> command line exp. All seemed to go well once I set up the preferred
> credentials for the node as well as the db, I set up all the params
> etc.. and chose to submit immediatly.
> After that, it said it was succesfully submitted, and I could check the
> status under the jobs menu in the console. I can see no such thing, and
> the .dmp file I pointed it to does not exist on the local machine I am
> running it from or the server itself (I wasnt sure which C: it meant)
> so..., I'm running the plain old exp for now, but I'd like to know what
> happened to the job I submitted as it seems to have vanished into the
> void. Which process would this be? I assumed that it would simply run
> exp.exe but neither process appears on either machine, other than the
> command line one I'm currently running.
> ideas?
Could be the job failed immediately and was moved to job history. Did you check there? There should be an error message. If you're using Windows it's usually a problem with access rights.

  • Tom
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