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From: Hans Forbrich <>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 00:04:13 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Bib Endum wrote:
> "Jeff Smith" <jsmit234 at ford dot com> a écrit dans le message de
> news:c0qkae$
> > You better be darn careful if *you* are going mess around in your database
> > with something like Toad.
> Always depends on who is behind the wheel.

Very true. Always dangerous having Turkeys drive Toads.

> Yes it's easy to mess around with TOAD, but a lot more efficient to work
> with than using sql*plus or OEM with the DBA module. Have you ever worked
> with Oracle procedure editor ? That's total bullshit compared to any decent
> and modern PL/SQL editor.

[Quoted] So use the PL/SQL editor/debugger that's included in JDeveloper. Much better, and - if you use the downloaded one - free.

> We're in 2004 and they don't even have command line history in sql*plus for
> windows for god's sake.

[Quoted] If you use this in Windows, use the DOS version and enable the DOS command line history. Same thing as the PlusW, just not as colourful.

> Also, there is a way to make TOAD less dangerous by removing buttons and
> menu item for oneself or for others.

However, my experience is that people who are comfortable with SQL*Plus tend to be slightly more cautious. The majority of those I know who use TOAD tend to want be 'first to the finish lie' rather than 'safely to finish line'. Does not imply that Toad is bad - quite the opposite, it's a good tool. Just means I've noticed that people with a certain attitude toward development tend to use some kinds of tools as props. <\observation>

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