Re: sqlReview - free , DOESN't CHANGE THE FACTS

From: Daniel Morgan <>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 21:15:20 -0800
Message-ID: <1076562874.332856_at_yasure>

Ron wrote:

> Hello Daniel,
> I am surprised of your talent to misinterpret anything positive, that is
> done by companies.

[Quoted] Spam is not positive. It is a curse upon the internet.

> I would expect this kind of behavior from a Russian communist, not from a
> colleague DBA.

[Quoted] Russian Communists are gone. Spammers are not.

> As I mentioned before, legally a company has the same right to share its
> help and experience that anyone else has.

Not in a usenet group in violation of that group's charter.

What you have demonstrated is a flagrant and willful disregard for the group's charter? Did you actually read it? Do you just have some sense of entitlement ... like others built this group and now you get to use it any way you wish? Has it occurred to you that other commercial companies will see your spam and think they too can do the same?

You are a for-profit company. There is a place set aside specifically to meet your needs while keeping the other groups clean of spam. You have been respectfully and politely informed of that fact and you have chosen to ignore it. Could you have posted this message in the appropriate group, made friends, been respected, and everyone would have seen it. Yes!

But now you've managed to anger many and build up what is likely a good steaming head of testosterone and adrenaline feeling like a victim. Why won't they let me do what they won't let anyone else do either?

Sorry ... but spam is spam is spam. And the fact that you make something available for free does not change the fact.

As proof ... you might note that when Oracle itself, just a week ago offered something here for free ... they too were asked to apologize and move. Unlike you, however, they did. And as a sign of my displeasure ... over your rudeness the Puget Sound Oracle Users Group has now removed a link to your company from its web site. And that just cost you almost two thousand possible referrals each and every day. Bad acts ... have consequences. I would suggest you reconsider your attitude and post where appropriate. If you are truly helping people ... post where-ever. But if you are posting on behalf of your company ... follow the rules.

Thank you.

Daniel Morgan
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