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From: Bernard Dhooghe <>
Date: 10 Feb 2004 06:01:12 -0800
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[Quoted] [Quoted] I'm very favorable biased towards DB2 and AIX (based on support experience, you can have trust) but I would not choose to migrate to CICS on AIX.

DCE fades away, I can't believe CICS on AIX is -anymore?- a strategic product (for IBM).

If leaving VSE, I would not reincarnate it on AIX with CICS, even in an intermediate step.

I also believe log-shipping is a very reliable way to have a replication side; a database can reside multiple times on a system based on the redirected restore principle, so the recovery site can even be a development system also.

In UDB 8.1 LUW the shadow database maintained with log-shipping remains in roll-forward pending state. Using a snapshot capability of a storage engine, a copy of the shadow can be validated.

Bernard Dhooghe

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> >> Just recieved a 'thought experiment' assignment from my boss.
> >> Does it make sense, and how would it be accomplised, to move
> >> the databases from the mainframe (small VSE 390?) to AIX?
> >> I mentioned that we should then look at possible programs from
> >> IBM to convert the mainframe database (VSAM?) files into DB2/AIX,
> >> or Oracle databases. And that I thought Oracle had some facility
> >> such that we could cluster and load-balance two+ nodes running
> >> something like Parallel Oracle so that should a node need booting
> >> or modifying off-line the application is still running (at
> >> reduced capacity) for the users.
> >
> > Is HA a real requirement, or just a nice-to-have? Because if you can
> > live with something like 99.9% availability then perhaps log-shipping
> > would suffice and you might be able to set up a db2 udb prototype in a
> > single afternoon. If it's one of those rare applications that really
> > needs 99.999% well then you've got some real work ahead - regardless
> > of the product chosen.
> >
> > Oracle has more functionality and capability here but it's more
> > expensive, more complex/error-prone to use, and while i'm not sure of
> > RAC, OPS was a manageability nightmare. Still, for many situations it
> > is great.
> >
> > However - one more thing: I find that my database choices usually
> > hinge more on the strategic direction of the company - rather than on
> > the specific needs of the application. If you go
> > application-by-application you'll end up with a half-dozen different
> > databases, and the skillset problem that results is typically more
> > challenging than the minor technical differences between commercial
> > databases.
> The HA is a must. That's why if I could get it to work with either
> oracle or db2 in this parallel fashion then I have built in HA
> without having to mess with IBM's HACMP on AIX.
> Agreed on the strategic direction.
> Turns out this would probably be a phased project. First possibly
> move the mainframe stuff to CICS on AIX. Then migrate the VSAM
> stuff outside of CICS into DB2 as a phase 2. Then re-write the CICS
> applications to run CICS native as a phase 3+.
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