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From: Mark C. Stock <mcstockX_at_Xenquery>
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2003 20:53:28 -0500
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[Quoted] [Quoted] how about setting it up with VPD policies?

"BlackEagle" <> wrote in message news:kVQzb.61079$
| Hi everyone,
| I've started to build a database and I have a question.
| I'm going to use this db for creating form applications.
| It's about making reservations in a gym.
| Every reservation will be done by the customer.(it's a self-service thing)
| So I'll be using a system with login's. (userid-password)
| The problem is, our teacher said that we have to use something special,
| creating our db (a constraint eg)...
| I've been searching on the net but couldn't find anything useful.
| I would like to ask you guys, if someone knows some difficult, not
| constraints, other functions or links where I can find something like that
| Thanx in advance.
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