Re: Rowcount, OCI and small memory questions

From: Jim Kennedy <>
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 01:29:14 GMT
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[Quoted] You don't have to retrieve all the rows, just retrieve the number you want. You could have a billion rows and as long as you don't try to display them etc. in ram on the client you are fine. Just because you issue a query it does not mean you have to retrieve ALL the rows; just retrieve a smaller number.

"Buffy The Cache Coder" <> wrote in message
> Someone in our company has complained that if an inexperienced
> person writes a query which returns a large result set (via OCI)
> to a process having limited amount of memory, it will
> make the process core dump.
> Is this true? Is there a way to set the maximum memory used
> by the oracle client libraries?
> The suggestion at our company was to provide a way to limit
> the rows returned in a result set.
> Doing some research, Oracle has a ROWNUM feature, but it really
> isn't the same thing as Sybase' set rowcount <NUM>, because
> you have to add ROWNUM into the actual query.
> Does Oracle have an >environmental< ROWNUM feature which the
> DBA can set, or maybe can be set at the sql prompt? Or perhaps
> it can be something set per user, or database, or <something>?
> thanks.
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