Re: Desktop Integrator and Business Objects

From: Ms. D.H. Harvey <>
Date: 24 Jul 2002 14:41:04 GMT
Message-ID: <ahmea0$7k2$>

,Chloe Crowder <> wrote:
: Hi

: we're running Business Objects 4.1 against Oracle Financials 10 on Oracle 7.
: Two of our users recently installed Desktop Integrator v. 7, and now when
: they try to log in they get an Invalid Login message. They can still login
: from other PCs.
: The users may be trying for access to an Oracle 8i as part of our OF
: upgrade, so a new version of the communications software may have been
: installed, but I don't know yet.
: I would guess that the DI7 installation has broken a path or overwritten a
: .DLL. Does anyone have any suggestions?

: Chloe Crowder
: The British Library


We encountered the same problem with this version of Bus Obj when both SQL*Net v2 and Net8 installed on the same PC (possibly in the same HOME, don't fully recall). Advised have one or the other not both. As needed both Net versions solved by upgrading to Bus Obj v5.

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