Re: using TrueType fonts in Oracle reports 2.5. HELP!!!

From: Alex Filonov <>
Date: 18 Jul 2002 08:53:07 -0700
Message-ID: <>

"Leonid Fedotov" <> wrote in message news:<8VnZ8.569892$cQ3.53425_at_sccrnsc01>...
> All,
> Anyone did this?
> Solaris 2.6,
> Oracle Repoerts 2.5,
> 8.0.5 database (do not think it matters),
> Oracle Applications 11.0.3
> Custom report uses "Arial Balck" font, which comes with Windows by default.
> When report runs from server to printer, it does not use this font, uses
> default.

Are you running report as a concurrent process in Applications? If so, forget about custom fonts, it runs as character-mode report. Trying to use proportional fonts, like Arial, would make it look stupid, at least. There is a trick in Applications though, you can define PostScript printer and use printer definition file to use any font you like. By the way, Arial is usually absent on UNIX machines, use Helvetica.

> Font (TrueType) installed on Solaris and completely visible and recognizable
> by system.
> Please, help!!!
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