Re: Question re SQLPlus

From: TurkBear <>
Date: Mon, 01 Jul 2002 14:54:19 -0500
Message-ID: <>

[Quoted] Be aware that that combination is not supported ( unless it is 9i on XP Professional, you neglected to provide that info).. [Quoted] [ it looks like a 8.0.x version, very old) Check where the environment variable ORACLE_HOME is 'pointing'... ( It should be a system environment variable so any user can read it) [Quoted] The PATH is not used to find the message files, just the BIN ( and maybe some Java-related ) directories, ORACLE_HOME [Quoted] controls the location for other stuff - like tnsnames.ora and all the message files - they are referenced as subdirectories [Quoted] of ORACLE_HOME..


"Mike Coldewey" <> wrote:

>A client has upgraded their OS to XP from 95. The Oracle Forms application
>works OK. But SQL Plus doesn't; it comes up with a message that it "can't
>find SP1<lang>.msb". The file "sp1us.msb" is in the \PLUS80 directory, but
>when I add that directory to the path, there is no change in behavior. How
>can I point to this, or what config file do I need to tweak?

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