Re: creating text versions of .fmb files

From: Scott Mattes <>
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 16:46:04 GMT
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[Quoted] So far the only way that I have found to convert .fmb to .fmt is worthless for doing what I want, because the PL/SQL code is translated to hex!

"Jeff Greuel" <> wrote in message news:a7fics$j37$
> I've recently moved jobs from working with Developer 2000 with Forms 4.5
> (Win 98 against Oracle 8i/UNIX 11.0) to Developer 6.0 (Win2000Pro against
> Orcale8i/Unix 11.0).
> Two questions.....
> 1) With 4.5 my .fmt files were ASCII files that were text-searchable and
> such I could easily do 'diffs' from generation to generation (using MKS
> Source Integrity or any number of diff utilities) to track changes.
> Is it in fact the case that .fmt files under Dev6.0 maintain the code of
> triggers and program units in some non-ascii format (okay ascii but
> strings)?
> 2) Under 4.5 I also used the Forms Doc option to create .txt versions of
> forms that were also handy for doing searches on, I know this has been
> replaced with the Reports Doc option in Dev6.0 and for the most part it
> work, however I seem to get certain .fmbs that crash when the .txt file
> the following sizes 16kb (16384 bytes), 32kb (32768 bytes), 500kb (512000
> bytes). Some files are created that exceed these sizes but it seems odd
> these are dying at milestone byte sizes.
> The .txt files are created they just end in mid-line.
> Anyone seen this before?
> Jeff
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