COM automation object

From: Greg Schraiber <GregSchraiber_at_Finestri.Com>
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 21:54:54 GMT
Message-ID: <3C9A56AC.7BA49D65_at_Finestri.Com>

Can someone help me convert this VB code to Oracles COM automation object?
Here is the VB code:

Dim client   As Object
Dim strParm  As String
Dim Ctx1     As Long
Dim Response As String

Set client = CreateObject("myDLL.myDLL")
strParm = "My String Data To Pass To The COM object"
strLength = Len(strParm)
Ctx1 = client.CreateContext("someText", "moreText", "timeoutValue", "", 0, "", "")
Response = client.SubmitTransaction(Ctx1, strParm, strLength)
client.DestroyContext (Ctx1)

Here is the PL/SQL I've come up with so far:


   hresult    binary_integer :=  0;
   appToken   binary_integer := -1;
   Parameters varchar2(255);

   hresult := ORDCOM.CreateObject('myDLL.myDLL', 0, '', appToken);

   hresult := ORDCOM.DestroyObject(appToken);

In the 'doc' I have for the COM automations object package there doesn't seem to be a direct equiviant if the CreateContext() call and I'm not sure what it does.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


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