Re: Help: blocks column from dba_tables and dba_segments

From: Mike F <>
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 21:12:57 GMT
Message-ID: <l.1016745177.1161682128_at_[]>

>Why do you care? Haven't you got any "real" tuning issues to deal with?

>And what has the number of blocks got to do with your stated goal
>which is pinning the table?

>Daniel Morgana

Yes, we need to care.

If it is only 16 blocks, we can keep it in the keep buffer_pool, if it is 128 blocks, some table even with 1000 blocks while with only 300  rows,we need to do import/export to reorganize the table and then keep  them in keep buffer_pool.

Disk is almost unlimited but memory is.. That is why I need to know whether it is oly 16 blocks in the keep buffer_pool,or the total 128 block will go into the keep buffer_pool.

I only assigned 400 blocks to the keep buffer, with 128 block tables, I  can only keep 3 tables. With 16 blocks table, I can put 20 small tables in the keep buffer.

Any suggestions?


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