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From: tojo <>
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 13:41:33 +0100
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The table L2 will be imported into TBLSPC_TITI, as you expect, but the BLOB column is looking for it's original tablespace TBLSPC_TOTO, which doesn't exist. You can either grant unlimited tablespace on SYSTEM to user TITI temporarily, or create a tablespace TBLSPC_TOTO for the BLOBs. After the import you can ALTER TABLE L2 and move the BLOB's storage to TBLSPC_TITI (see the lob storage clause in the docs), then drop TBLSPC_TOTO. I'd consider storing the BLOBs in their own tablespace, however.

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In article <a76vfp$lib$>, laurent.boutet1 says...
> Hi !
> I've got troubles using Import/Export utilities
> I'm connected as SYSTEM
> I decided to create an export file in order to import it elsewhere...
> So I decided to export tables.
> Then I created a new tablespace and assigned it a new user with no
> particulars rights...
> And I import the export file...
> So, the import runs...BUT, I can't import tables containing BLOB or CLOB
> columns !!
> Why ??? I don't understand...
> I don't know if you understand my problem...let me show you a sample :
> tablespace : TBLSPC_TOTO
> user : toto , default tablespace TBLSPC_TOTO
> tables :
> toto.L1 (with no BLOB or CLOB columns)
> toto.L2(with a BLOB column for instance)
> now I create an export file of all these tables (L1 and L2 so)...
> NOW :
> now I want to import the tables L1 and L2
> I create a new tablespace and a user
> tablespace : TBLSPC_TITI
> user : titi, default tablespace TBLSPC_TITI
> I do an import tables from user toto to user titi...
> BUT the only table created is L1 which has no BLOB or CLOB column (and I
> would have the table L2 if it
> has not CLOB or BLOB columns)....
> For the import of the table L2, I have an 01950 Oracle error telleing me
> that I don't have enough privilege on tablespace TBLSPC_TOTO...but I don't
> understand this message...because my table L1 is well created in my
> tablespace why do I have this message for L2 ??? why
> doesn't it create L2 under TBLSPC_TITI ???....
> I hope you'll understand my problem...
> Thanks very much in advance,
> Laurent
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