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From: Epicentre Team B Annecy <>
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 10:09:43 +0100
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Hello Herbert,

Thanks for your answer, but I have not been clear enough. The fact is that I display a LOV at the beginning to fill in the fields in my form, but any field are attached with this LOV! Then, I just want to update the displayed record, but it seams that, as the record comes from the LOV, it's impossible: error message "FRM-40509: ORACLE error: unable to update record".
And I verified that the tables exist, I have all required authorities to perform the specified action...

...Any other good suggestion?


"Herbert Fukerider" <> a écrit dans le message news:
> Epicentre Team B Annecy wrote:
> > I use Forms version, and I would like to be able to update
> > fields in a table with a given condition. To do that, I've built a LOV
> > on a query which retrieve the fields I want to update, and ask my form
> > display this LOV clicking on a button for the fields in my form being
> > in with the LOV's informations.
> > The problem is that it seams to be impossible to insert or update a
> > that comes from a LOV list!!
> Hello,
> if you have set your field properties (LOV section) to "validate from
> you'll be unable to update the field with values not in your LOV.
> Turn this property off, if this is not the desired behaviour.
> Maybe this is your problem.
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