SQL*NET v1 v2 Migration

From: Scott Mills <scott.mills_at_uk2.net>
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 21:47:43 -0000
Message-ID: <a9ai8.8008$nt.1219188_at_news11-gui.server.ntli.net>


For some time we have been running SQL*NET V1 & V2 on our servers and we're planning on turning off the V1 listener pretty soon. We have around 8000 NT client machines on site and they are running either SQL*NET V1, V2 or both. We need to know what machine is doing what so we can upgrade where necessary.

I intend to write a small DOS script that writes out the machine name, IP Address, username and what version of sqlnet that the NT box is running. I will then place this script into the NT logon scripts, hence I shall be able to get all the data I need to grab very quickly so we can upgrade the V1 clients.

 However, I am having some problems grabbing what SQL*NET versions are running on the client.

Can I assume that if the client has a ORAWIN/BIN/PRO16 directory it is running SQL*NET V1 and if a ORANT/BIN/PRO18 directory structure exists then it's running SLQ*NET V2???

If not, can anyone tell me of any files, default locations of files or registry entries to distinguish which version of sqlnet is running?


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