Re: What is the command line?

From: Rajesh Jayaprakash <>
Date: 6 Mar 2002 23:06:52 -0800
Message-ID: <> (David Wright) wrote in message news:<91C9A23A2Davidwrightspracom_at_64.164.98.29>...
> I need to use the import utility to import a *.dmp file.
> The instructions say you have to give the imp command. But imp command from
> what? How do you get a command prompt?
> I have something called the 'Oracle Enterprise Edition' Client CD which gave
> me the following menus:
> Start>programs>Oracle>OraHome81>
> Application Development
> Migration
> Network Administration.
> Where can I get a command prompt to issue the imp command?
> When I select sql*plus, it asked for a user name and password. Is this the
> right direction?

You will have to open a DOS prompt (Start->Run; enter 'cmd'). At the DOS prompt, enter 'imp80' to invoke the import utility (the directory where imp80 exists - %ORACLE_HOME%\bin - should be included in the PATH environmental variable).


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