Re: Oracle Reports: Temporary indexes?

From: damorgan <>
Date: Fri, 01 Mar 2002 16:08:59 GMT
Message-ID: <>

The chance of the indexes you require hurting an OLTP system is vanishingly small. I would strongly suggest that you benchmark the system without the indexes, and with the indexes, and see if having them makes a detectable difference.

You don't say what operating system and platform, or how much data, or how many Tx per hour, or how many indexes of what type, so it is hard to know for sure.

But as a general rule I'd strongly advise against building temporary indexes. I've never yet seen a need to do so.

Daniel Morgan

John wrote:

> Anyone ever created "temporary" indexes using Oracle reports???
> I need to create some indexes on some tables but b/c of the amount of
> inserts done on the table in the OLTP system, it is not feasible to create
> permanent indexes. I've never done this, but are there drawbacks to
> creating an index in the before report trigger, and then dropping the index
> in the after report trigger?
> Thanks,
> John
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