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Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 20:57:02 GMT
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Hello all -

Some info follows for everyone interested about WebDB:

Sebas <> wrote in message
> Yes I want to join the mailing list.
> Sebas <>

here is the mailing list for webdb -

TO RECEIVE you have to sign up: look under computers -- databases -- then Webdb (click on the W on the text field given to go straight to the W's, but be careful not to click on the alphabet that is on top of the page, it is actually a banner ad, the real text listing is further below)

The list is still very small, and very quiet, hopefully we will get more activity soon.

>What is it about? WebDB general interest questions and answers?
>By the way, I want to install WebDB, does it install over Oracle 8,
>Oracle 8i? What are the pre requisits?

Seba, the list is for users or developers, and hopefully it will have answers.
The nice feature is that there is an archive on the onelist website, so you can see
the whole history of the list - which there isn't really a history yet, but...

WebDb works on Oracle 7.3.4 and up. I have it running on Oracle 8i, on a nt box

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