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Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 19:01:10 GMT
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>Please Help!!!, What is the best way to pull data from one dataabse to
>I want to extract data from database 1, called prod1
>manipulate the data
>and load it onto database 2, called prod2
>Is this depenendent upon the tnsnames.ora file? At this point I have to
>from prod1 and reconnect to prod2

there are many ways.

if you are trying to do this in plsql -- have your DBA create a database link so you can query from this database. you'll be able to code:


   for x in ( select * from T_at_that_other_database ) loop


   end loop

if your needs can be statisfied with the sqlplus copy command -- all you need is a tnsnames entry. see the sql plus doc for more info.

if you are in pro*c, you can use multiple connections OR database links.

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