Re: HELP! Forms 4.5-- a block for displaying

From: DanHW <>
Date: 28 Aug 1999 04:50:07 GMT
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>Subject: Re: HELP! Forms 4.5-- a block for displaying
>From: "Samuel Leung"
>Date: Wed, 25 August 1999 11:31 PM EDT
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>Or you can add another enterable item to the block and make the item size
>0 width and 0 height.
> wrote in message <7q15ug$1a2$>...
>>Hi there:
>>Is it possible to create a child (detail) block which has Display Items
>>I am trying to disable the user to query on the child block. So I set
>>all the items on the child block are Display Items. But then it didn't
>>give me anything when I queried from master block. It seems that I have
>>to set at least one item on the child block as "Text Item". Is it true?
Just do what you want - override the query functionality without messing with other stuff...

On the block, create a key-entqry trigger that does

go_block(<first block>);

Then, when they do an enter query, they are thrown back to the first block, and put in query mode. If they can (and did) make changes, they will be asked to save changes, validation is done etc...

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