Re: Progress DB vs Oracle? Comparisons if any?

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Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 23:41:11 GMT
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I will try to answer as best I can from my somewhat limited experience. While Progress is a good product, I really came to hate it. I now refer to it as "Poor Man's Oracle". We had Progress for NT, shortly after 8.2B came out I came on the scene, and was there for 8.2C. Now, I'm sure the OS can take plenty of the blame, but I found it's performance very sluggish. Also, our database server was a dual processor machine, and we found out too late since we didn't buy the "enterprise" version that the engine wouldn't make use of the second processor any more than the OS would coerce it to.

Again, could have been the OS (we run Oracle under OpenVMS and Netware here) but it left me with a bad taste in my mouth, and I only had to administer the servers. You should talk to the programmers.

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In article <>,   Jason Hynes <> wrote:
> How does Progress db compare (if at all) to Oracle RDBMS?
> (
> Does any of the Oracle DBA's out there have any exp working on a
> Progress database.
> What is the performance like, OLTP, down-time, difficulty
> (I know Oracle well, what can I expect wrt a learning curve???..)
> Comments would be appreciated on performance, who's using it (in the
> industry). Also, Is it a contender for mid-tier DBMS.
> Career wise? Thanks in advance for reply.
> Signed,
> Oracle DBA looking into progress.
> (cc.

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