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Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 23:31:12 GMT
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We are experimenting with using 'relative pathnames' for icons, and makeing sure that developer or runtime has a "local directory". This way, we do not need to mess with anyone's registry.

In the example, one would do like so:
1) Create icons to launch runtime or Builder and set the 'Start In' field to be the local directory name (could even be a mapped network drive).... lets call it MyHome:

2) Now, below this, one could create subdirectories, such as Icons, Reports, Images, etc.



The .ICO files for the application could be placed in the Icon subdirectory.

3) Now, in Forms and Menus, etc, referencing the Icon Files is done 'relatively', by NOT using a leading backslash:

    NOT \Icon\MyArrow.ico, nor Drive:\path\path\path\Icon\MyArrow.ico Now the reference is relative, that is, the property is saying, "you get me to the local subdirectory (MyHome), and from wherever I am, I shall look to see if the Icon subdirectory lives there and look inside it for the icon file".

Works great so far, and helps keep all the application organized locally...just need to guarantee that users' icons would be set to start in "MyHome"....

Robert Proffitt
Beckman Coulter
Brea California
RTProffitt "AT"

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