Re: Enterprise Manager in 8.1.5?

From: Mike Rose <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 16:43:23 GMT
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Hello All,

Just a thought --- but why don't we see any response from Oracle and/or Sun about the numerous problems associated with many products and utilities authored in Java due to their failure to run anywhere as promised?

Lack of OEM for LINUX seems rather strange since Oracle has been pushing Java for years (thin clients) and now that IBM has dropped JavaOS and Linux is this set of technologies suspect?

How are you supposed to manage Oracle on Linux to run your business without OEM? Michael Rose

Jack Zhu <> wrote in message
> I just installed Oracle 8.1.5i enterprise version into my Linux RH6.0
> box successfully. According to the docs, the Oracle Enterprise Manger
> should be included, My question is:
> Is OEM for Linux a graphic tool? How can I call OEM? 'cause there're
> lots of changes between 7 version and 8i. I check out the
> $ORACLE_HOME/bin, and really don't know which file I should call to
> trigger OEM.
> Thanks a lot! Please also email me.
> Jack
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